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About Us
To deliver a greater level of service,
you have to value service more than the bottom line.

The most important element of our company is our dedication to providing outstanding service. Many service companies mistake movement for progress and activity for success; as a result service providers make inaccurate bids, underestimate overhead costs, and are constantly chasing new clients. Cube Cleaners always puts client satisfaction first. We understand that when we perform our duties to the best of our abilities, profit will arise; and if we seek to perform our duties for profit, the client suffers. We feel our standard of quality is far beyond most of our competitors. Read on to find out more about our vision, our mission and our history and the causes we support. 

Our mission is to provide the highest quality cleaning service to meet the varied needs of business owners, home owners, and residents in the Denver Metro Area.

makes a difference
Support local business.

We employ locally and always try to source materials & supplies from local providers. This adds strength to the local economy and keeps more money in the community. This allows for parks and city maintenance projects.

Support local community.

Cube Cleaners engages in annual community sponsored events. From putting together a community trash pick-up day with DJ’s and catered food to sponsoring sports teams; we want the area we live in to thrive!

 Encourage Entrepreneurship.

We help to inspire others in our community to develop their own passion! Our senior staff meet with local community leaders and other small business owners to lend our expertise and knowledge whenever possible.

We believe in continued education.

Learning is a lifelong process, and we ingrain this value into all our employees. We feel pride when our brand image is used to positively identify the areas  in which we live and operate.

Our Vision

Cube Cleaners vision is to rule the world one day…just kidding! But we do desire to be one of the frontrunners in our field. This means anything from working on client interface systems to finding new data solutions that helps us to manage information internally. Our vision is simple: To never stop working for you. We take that step by actively looking for and solving potential problems before our clients ever know they had a problem to begin with. This might mean providing consumables so the client never worries or it might mean re-tuning service levels and helping the client save money. Here at Cube Cleaners we hope you share this vision with us. If you need more proof, look at what our clients have said.

our history
From Humble Beginnings
AUG 2018

The owners decided to bring their thoughts into reality and provide a service that the world could appreciate. Cube Cleaners LLC is formed.

SEP 2019

Cube Cleaners partnered with international corporation CFS to deliver infrastructure critical cleaning services nationwide.

NOV 2018

To our 100th client serviced. It was quite a surprise to them, and we were thrilled to have a successful entry into the market.

JUL 2020

Our now familiar company van first hits the streets ready to keep up with an increased demand for services.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality cleaning service to meet the varied needs of business owners, home owners, and residents in the Denver Metro Area.